“O Switzerland!”


Travelers’ Accounts, 57 BCE to the Present.

Pilgrims and traders, soldiers and refugees, scientists and artists, alpinists and invalids: Switzerland has enticed them for more than two millennia. They have loved it and hated it, cursed it and sung its praises; they have made war and made love, reported on its food and its religion, its peaks and its poverty, its wolves and its fleas, its dances and its prisons.

In 20 thematic chapters, “O Switzerland!” evokes a complex, ever-surprising nation in the words of over 200 travelers—from Napoleon to Nietzsche, Petrarch to Prince, Mary Shelley to Mark Twain. With his deft narration and wry humor, compiler Ashley Curtis leads the reader over the mountains and through the centuries, highlighting connections and disparities by turns ironic, hilarious, and sublime.

Delightful! A wonderful compilation of wildly diverse voices on their travels to Switzerland through the ages.

—Daniel Anker, author of Eiger—The Vertical Arena and Helvetia Club

2000 years of Swiss tourism: “O Switzerland!“ is an impressive and illuminating tour de force through time and space.

—Wolfgang Koydl, author of Die Besserkönner: Was die Schweiz so besonders macht

A must-read for anyone in love with Switzerland.

—Diccon Bewes, author of Swiss Watching

Bergli Books. June, 2018

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