Can I Help You?

You’ve written an important piece—an essay, a report, a post, or a full-length manuscript—and you need the language to be perfect. You want to do more than just communicate content—you want do do it in a way that wakes up your readers or your audience and then keeps them riveted. Your piece should be elegant, easy to follow, and compelling. It should definitely not be marred by errors of vocabulary, grammar, or idiom.

The problem is, you’re not completely confident in your English writing. Maybe you’re not a native speaker; maybe you are, but writing has never been your strong point; and maybe you know you’re a fantastic writer, but you just want an insurance policy—a pair of expert eyes to scour your work for the inevitable infelicities that creep in and then, with repeated readings, become invisible.

I will be those eyes. I’ll tune your English so it ticks and purrs, and your ideas will ride the vehicle they deserve.

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