Would you like to hear about: Mark Twain on bad beer, Mary Shelley on fisticuffs, Alexandre Dumas on cannibalism, Rilke on designer soaps, Madame de Staël on cretinism, Byron on incest, Montaigne on dirty linen, Felix Mendelssohn on flood damage, Leo Tolstoy on desire, James Baldwin on nightmares, George Sand on invisible virgins, J.R.R. Tolkein on sleeping in the rough, Henry James on knitting, Charles Dickens on human dust, Goethe on footbaths, Pope Pius XI on chocolate and kirsch, Nathaniel Hawthorne on hangings, Joseph Addison on witchcraft, Samuel Butler on cherrypicking, Zelda Fitzgerald on teacups, Hans Arp on Dada, Freidrich Nietzsche on raw eggs, John Ruskin on soaped poles, Poggio Bracciolini on the garden of pleasure, and much, much more?

For a live presentation that gives a picture of Switzerland through the eyes of its most talented, outrageous, and hilarious visitors, book me for a reading and Q&A session. I can adapt the show to your age-group and interests. It’s ideal for expat organizations, schools, reading groups, private companies, etc.

I’ll not only read from the book, but also present passages that I collected during my research and yet didn’t include in the final version. You’ll also get more spice about the lives of some of these fascinating characters than was possible to fit into the brief bios in the book.

I can bring a stack of books along as well, and offer them at a discount from the list price.

To discuss scheduling an event, contact me here.