If the idea of On the Moon, or, Hume’s Fork speaks to you and you have the means to pitch in, I would be grateful for your financial support while I dedicate myself to writing it.

The original economies, historians tell us, were gift economies—the idea of barter is largely a myth. (If you’ve ever thought about how impractical it would be to buy, say, legal services with apples, you will have come on this yourself.) A gift is not an investment, and nothing trickles down—but what goes around, comes around. This ain’t capitalism—more like karma. What I can promise is that I’ll be working my butt off on this book, and every penny will help.

I’ve set up a crowdfunding page on Indiegogo in order to make contributing to this project as hassle-free as possible. Here’s the link. My profound thanks, in advance, for anything you can manage—including, simply, spreading the word.