Why Do the Swiss Have Such Great Sex?

Sometimes the best questions are the ones you never thought to ask.

  • Could a tsunami strike Switzerland?
  • Do Swiss cows commit suicide?
  • Do you need a Phd to vote in Swiss elections?
  • Could the whole world sleep in Switzerland?
  • Is Swiss hydropower really clean?
  • What happens to a corpse in a crevasse?

These and 60 other questions open like trapdoors on a bizarre and bewitching Switzerland. Why Do the Swiss Have Such Great Sex? provides the answers—and through them an intimate and unabashed portrait of a land both sober and surreal.


Get to know Switzerland’s most beloved criminal, its real traditional foods, the stinky side of its bucolic agriculture, its true size (ironed flat), its polluted glaciers and its (four) packs of wild wolves. Check out William Hill’s odds that Geneva will vanish in a black hole, Kim Jong-un’s remarkable school career, and the routes that neighboring drops of Swiss rain take to distant seas. Find out who built Switzerland, and who actually rules it. Learn about the dirty secrets of Swiss chocolate, Swiss weapons, Swiss intelligence and Swiss happiness. You will soon notice that the 66 improbable questions in this book have even more improbable—and compelling—answers!

Bergli Books. October, 2018

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